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Professionalism is another ambiguous term to many in the business world.  Is professionalism the way a person dresses, or is it an attitude that individuals adopt?  Once again Pathfinder Foods must examine what professionalism means to this organization to bolster an already exceptional reputation.

For Pathfinder Foods to be perceived as professional, employees must act in a professional manner.  As a food brokerage firm Pathfinder Foods has distinguished its professional reputation through its commitment to the customer.  Employees of Pathfinder Foods maintain a reputation by servicing clients with the highest standards of customer service, while striving for excellence in customer satisfaction.  This includes, packaging and labelling bulk items for small businesses, to sourcing exclusive products for large organizations.  The underlying principle is the same; Pathfinder Foods will provide a creative and cost-effective solution to your requirements.  The professional reputation that Pathfinder Foods has established lies in the ability to provide innovative solutions for clients in an efficient and timely manner.

As Pathfinder Foods strives to provide our clients with solutions, there must be synergy between departments.  Internally, individuals must treat each other with courtesy and respect in order to extend professionalism in all corporate scenarios.  This internal professionalism entails departmental problem solving, responsibility and knowledge sharing, and cooperative development.  Externally, our cooperation will mean superior products and services delivered on time. 

As members of a team, it is fundamental that each individual carry themselves confidently but with humility.  As departments, each team must interact with mutual respect and cooperation.  As an organization, Pathfinder Foods must act as a cohesive unit that is sensitive to the concerns of all its members.  With these principles in mind, Pathfinder Foods professionalism will never waiver.

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